Christmas Letter 2009

Hi!  It is that time again, well past that time I’m about 2 months behind but I’m still trying to figure out were the year went.

The year for us started with our family trip to Hawaii or Oahu everything before that went to fast to talk about.  In March, we used our air miles to fly all of us to Honolulu for 10 days.  It was awesome but this, too, went too fast.  Next time we need to go for longer.  We met a pastor and his family over the internet.  We met them when we got there.  Laura, the daughter, babysat for us while I and Roxy went out.  It was definitely God’s plan for us to meet.  We were able to go to their church.  Our kids were to go to Awana, to meet, and to play with their new friends.

The kids got to swim in the ocean and to ride with the dolphins.  They went boogie boarding and shopping.  We also went to Pearl Harbour and to the Dole Plantation.  They learned how to tie leis and the girls also learned how to hula and what a hoaney hoaney is.  They went shell collecting and did tons of swimming, visited the Honolulu Zoo and the Honolulu Aquarium.  We were able to do just about everything we wanted to.  We researched it all on the web and I programmed all of the destinations into our GPS, so when we got off the plane the GPS was ready.

It is funny when we left both Kelowna and Vancouver it was snowing.  We had to get out it was warm etc.  So when we landed in Hawaii it was nice to be in about 20 degrees at 11 pm.  If you would like to see some of our Hawaiian holiday photos you can go to our web site, www.millardsrus.ca.

When we went home, it was back to the routine almost immediately.  Our kids went back to school within an hour or two of arriving.  Violet, grade 7, Brenda, grade 4, and the twins who were having a hard time in grade 1.  The school year went so fast Brenda was in the school musical, Joseph and the Techni-coloured Dream Coat.  Practices took a lot of time.  Violet started soccer after she finished master swimmer, the highest level of swimming lessons she can do before she is 16. Brenda finished Master Swimmer a few months later.  She waited patiently to get into the Junior Lifeguard Program.  She will begin it in January.

We then did our usual camping trip to Bridal Falls followed by a week of family camp in August at Sunnybrae Bible Camp were we were joined by my brother and sister- in-law and family (Bob and Paula).  Camp and August, too, flew by and then we were starting school all over again with the twins repeating grade 1, because they were not able to complete everything last year.

Then it was the twins B-day and Brenda’s.  Mom and Dad came out for a day to celebrate this.  Then last week it was Brenda’s B-day.  Now in a couple of weeks it is Christ’s birthday and then 2010 and then we will close our eyes and it will be 2011 and it will be all over again.

WHERE DOES THE TIME GO???  God bless you richly!

Love in Christ from

The 6 Millards